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Thursday, October 30, 2014,
News Bullet Image Giants Win Third World Series Over The Last 5 Years... On The Road!
News Bullet Image At Least 2 Shot, Bonfires Set, Bus Service Suspended During "Celebrations."
News Bullet Image Police Arrest Suspect In The Road Rage Killing Of Oakland Mother.
News Bullet Image Stanford Doctor Under Modified Quarantine After Treating Ebola Patients.
News Bullet Image Social Worker Arrested For Having Sex With 16 Year Old He Was "Helping."
News Bullet Image Whatsapp Founder Worth Billions After Facebook Acquisition.
News Bullet Image Broncos Fan Who Disappeared During Last Week's Game Found Safe.
News Bullet Image Prosecutor Says DNA Evidence Proves Man Killed Girl 30 Years Ago.
News Bullet Image Over 50 Attendees Of NAACP Gala Struck With Food Poisoning.
News Bullet Image 19 Russian Aircrafts Buzz Through European Airspace In 24 Hours.
News Bullet Image Ebola Nurse Kaci Hickox Says Quarantine Violation Of Her Civil Rights.
News Bullet Image Scumbag Rapes Toddler, Teen, Gives Them HIV, Herpes, And Chlamydia.
News Bullet Image "Hoarders" Psychologist Testifies In Defense Of NorCal Man Who Killed Officer.
News Bullet Image "Anti-Vaccine Sentiments" Creates Hot Bed Of Preventable Diseases In CA.
News Bullet Image Neighbors Thought Beheaded Corpse In Street Was Halloween Dummy.
News Bullet Image Girl Sodomized While Being Used As "Bait" By School Officials.
News Bullet Image Private Rocket Headed For Space Station Explodes Upon Takeoff.
News Bullet Image Woman Says Deli Worker Took Pictures Of Her While She Breast Fed.
News Bullet Image California's Clean Air Legislation To Curb Gas Price Decline.

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