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F in Sex

Little Suzie had a school project to write something about her parents
who, in her case, were divorced. So Suzie told Mommy about the project and
asked how old she was. Mom said "Suzie, that's personal information and I'd
really rather you didn't include that in your report."

Suzie said she understood and asked how much Mom weighed, to which, of
course, Mom said that that, too, was personal information that you just
don't ask someone and certainly don't include in school reports. Finally
Suzie asked "Then why are you and Daddy divorced?" to which Mom
responded once again that that was highly personal information and inappropriate
for a school report.

Lamenting this turn of fate to a friend, Suzie was told by her friend
that all that information could be found on a person's license, so that
evening, when Mom wasn't looking, Suzie fished around in Mom's purse until she
found her license, from which she copied information into her school report.

Some days later, Suzie was telling Mom about how well she did on her
school report. Mom asked what she'd done it on and Suzie replied that, of
course, it was on her Mom. "But you didn't know anything about what to write the
other day," said Mom. "I know," said Suzie, "but I got all the information
I needed. For example, I know that you're 38 years old," she said.

"Well, honey, that's right, but how do you know that?" Mom asked.
"Simple," Suzie said, "I got it from your license. And I also know that you weigh
120 pounds," she added, confirming that she'd gotten that information from
the license as well. "And furthermore," she added, "I know why you and Daddy
got divorced."

Curious, Mom asked how she knew that since surely THAT wasn't on her
license. "But it was, Mom," Suzie said with triumph in her voice.
"It said that you got a 'F' in Sex!"


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