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The Wild Pole Dancer (wmv).

Yep, They're Female Drivers (wmv).

NFL - Pick Me (wmv).

Nope, He's Mine! (wmv).

The Dangers Of TV Reporting (wmv).

40 Foot Cobra Snake In Urban Storm Drain (wmv).

Never Mind, I'll Open It Myself (wmv).

It's Cold... And Refreshing (wmv).

How I Lost My Marbels (wmv).

The Fruitcake Lady (wmv).

The Wrong Cooler (wmv).

Cirque du Soleil SuperBoy (wmv).

A Penquin Gets His Car Fixed (wmv).

Budweiser Clydesdale Snow Fight (mpeg).

Yeah, You Got Plenty Of Clearance (mpg).

The Redneck Carnival Ride (wmv).

Best Street Performer (wmv).

Wanna Be A Cowboy? (wmv).

One Unbelievable Crash (WARNING: GRAPHIC) (wmv).

Beer Pong King (wmv).

Another 911 Call (wmv).

Girl On Bike, Listen close, you can hear her head hit... (wmv).

Ladies: How To Get Rid Of A One Night Stand... (wmv).

The Speed Bump We Could All Use... (wmv).

There I was, sitting on the beach... (wmv).

Can't Believe He Made It (mpg).

5 Kinds Of Lucky (wmv).

Never Trust A Green Light (wmv).

Centrum, Feel Young Again (wmv).

Have You Ever Been Drunk This Long? (wmv).

Hacky Sack Squirrell (wmv).

Lip Balm Commercial (wmv).

Granny Revenge (wmv).

Choosing A Butterball Turkey (wmv).

Calling 911 For Emergency Takeaway (wmv).

Caught On Tape - Drive-By Shooting (wmv).

The Proctologist Exam (wmv).

Do You Think He Survived? (wmv).

Knock-Out Scary (wmv).

"Just A Little More" Jeep Dump (wmv).

Awesome Magic Trick (wmv).

2000 Frames Per Second (wmv).

The Dolphin Ummm... Hug (wmv).

Lifeguard Taking A Bathroom Break (wmv).

A Bad Day Kite Surfing (wmv).

Loading Up The Ol' Dirt Bike (mpeg).

Deer Hunting With A Bird (wmv).

How NOT To Pull Over When Getting A Ticket (WARNING: GRAPHIC) (wmv).

Helicopter Crashing Into Ship (wmv).

Oops, I Dropped The Cover (wmv).

The Water Rides (wmv).

The First Known IT Tech Help Desk (wmv).

Never Marry A Woman Bigger Than You! (wmv).

Houdini's Cat (wmv).

Carson's Copper Clappers Classic (wmv).

The Spanish Terrorist Arrest (mpg).

That's Gotta Really Hurt (wmv).

The Racketball Trick (wmv).

How NOT To Top A Tree (wmv).

Okay, 1-2-3 JUMP (wmv).

Not Such A Good Idea (wmv).

Not The Best Mexican Restaurant Ad (wmv).

Get Out Of My Bed You Cat! (wmv).

Horrific Russian Tunnel Accident (wmv).

Funny Stuff That Happens In Church (wmv).

Bike Versus The Cops (wmv).

The Side Seat Driver (mpg).

The Beer Contest (mvi).

Time to Move Out (mpg)

A Father With a Sense of Humor! (.asf)

Hey Buddy, Watch Your Step (mpg)

The Ideal Wife (mpg)

Teasing (mpg)

Loose Wheel, That's Gotta Hurt! (wmv)

No, Really, I'm Her Daddy (mpeg)

Lady Sitters (wmv)

Be Careful Who You're Chatting With... (wmv)

Mom's Choice Homemade Lemonade (wmv)

Automatic Pigeon Protection (mpg)(morbid)

Male Chauvinist Pig Jokes

Robert DeNiro - Homeland Security (wmv)

Meet Me In Room 808 (wmv)

Cat Killing Car (mpg)(morbid)

The Sleigh Ride (mpg)

Road Rage Trunk Monkey (mpeg)

The Lion Sleeps Tonight (wmv)

The Evil Kitty (mpeg)

Mr. Cool in His Ferrari (mpeg)

Kicking The Dog (mpeg)

Passing The Exam (wmv)

Cat Caught In The Fan (avi)

The Blonde Gazelle (wmv)

One More Reason To Stop Smoking (mpeg)

Foreplay (wmv)

Bad Day At The Rodeo (wmv)

Bush On Tribal Sovereignty (mp3)

George Bush At His Best (wmv).

Real Man's Way To Fish (mpeg)

The Treadmill Workout (wmv)

Stuck In The Snow (wmv)

Holster Your Gun First! (mpg)

Iraq News Report (wmv)

Men Screw Up Romance (mpeg)

He's Got The Knack (wav)

Treadmill Strikes Back (mpeg)

Moto X (mpeg)

Playoff Season (mpeg)

President Bush On Beefing Up The Borders (wmv)

President Bush Again On Beefing Up The Borders (wmv)

Busted By Video Chat (wmv)

Slippery Bud (wmv)

More Funny Cat Video's (wmv)

The Beer Wave (mpg)

Blatant Idiots (wmv)

Bud Light Commercial (wmv)

Bud Light Commercial 1 (wmv)

Bud Light Commercial 2 (wmv)

Bud Light Commercial 3 (wmv)

Bud Light Commercial 4 (wmv)

Amstel Light Commercial (wmv)

Einstein The Bird (wmv)

Painful Way To Remove Hair (wmv)

Not Quite Far Enough (wmv)

We Have No Freakin Fries! (wmv)

Every Construction Workers Nightmare (wmv)

The Peeping Tom (wmv)

Physics of Dominos (wmv)

Rumsfeld Hands (wmv)

Sometimes Size Does Matter (mpg)

Saturday Night Live Big Deck (wmv)

Wrong Car Idiot (wmv)

Letterman's Farewell To Bill Gates (wmv)

Tequila, The True Fixall (mp3)

The Throw Away Dog (wmv)

Trunk Monkey1 (wmv)

Trunk Monkey2 (wmv)

Trunk Monkey3 (wmv)

Make Fuel From Water (wmv)

The Cockroach and the Weatherman

The Ford Police Chase (wmv)

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