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What Sex Are They?

What Would You DO?

When I Get Older


The Job Interview (So Funny)

Life isn't like a box of chocolates

Real Groaners

Are my testicles black?

Don't Mess With Mom!

Elderly lady on the witness stand

You know the world is going crazy when...

Military Wisdom

Prescription for Cyanide

Have You Ever Wondered

Hollywood Squares Humor

A Woman Goes To The Gynecologist.

What Men Really Mean

God... What's a headache?

Charles Schultz Philosophy

Sand and Stone

The Franciscan and the Montanan

Shhhhh... Mothers in Town

The Polar Bear goes into the Bar

A Guy Walks Into a Bar

"TWO PROSTITUTES -- $50.00."

Hitchhiking on a Real Dark Night

Irish Sausage

How To Clean Your Toilet - The Fun Way

95 Percent Are Misbehaving

Notorious al-Gebra Movement

My Wife Wants Me to Give Up Fishing

NOAH - In 2004

A Paradox Of Our Times

The Blonde, And The Stolen Mercedes

13 reasons To Smile

Two Blonde City Workers

A Blonde Woman Was Speeding...

Breaking News

Case Of The Pregnant Lady

Choices You Can Make

Corporate Lessons

Do You Remember...

Elderly Humor

Ex Wife's Revenge

Forrest Gump Goes To Heaven

Just Put It In Park

Moments In Life

Mr. Bush Is No Longer President

New Priest Taking Confessions

Snappy Answers

Still A Virgin

The $20.00 Bill

The Beautiful Sound

The Blonde In A Tight Skirt

The End Is Near!

The Positive Side Of Life

The Right Age For Cussing

2 Indians And A Hillbilly

2 Irish Men Sitting At A Bar

2 Priests Go To Hawaii

Who Is Jack Schitt

Why Dogs Don't Live Longer Than Humans

Woman's Revenge

Your Horse Phoned

The 6 Year Old Fireman

7-Degrees of Blondeness

8 Words, With 2 Meanings

The Old Man And The 2 College Girls

A Blonde, Brunette, And A Redhead

Daddy's Empty Chair

Gentleman Awaiting Surgery

He Said, She Said

Mens Bathroom Wall Mural

No Refills?

Southern Baptist Minister

Test For Dementia

The Pickle Jar

2 Sisters Inherit The Ranch

Boys Making Thier Fathers Proud

Wife's Birthday Present

Funny Headlines

Woman Suffering From PMS

I Will Be A Millionaire In 2 Weeks

2 Elderly Church Ladies...

Why Women Can't Sleep


The Tree Hugger

Giving Up Wine

An 80 Year Old Man Goes To The Doctor

20 Ways to Maintain A Healthy Level Of Insanity

Murphy's Lesser Known Laws

Grandma's Bangin' Her Boyfriend

Attack of the rabid ninja squirrel

Words Of Wisdom

The Prospective Sister-In-Law

The Power of a Blonde's Prayer

The Difference 80 Years Make

Test: Those Under 50 Will Struggle


How Quickly Time Passes...

"Dad, how many kinds of boobs are there?"

Five tricky questions


Darwin Award Nominees

Dad at the Mall

A Year of eMails

A Wife Comes Home...


Amazingly Simple Home Remedies

A Few Funny Quotes

Work VS Prison

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